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Digital Audit

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  • enhance your operational efficiency significantly.

  • improve your company's reputation.

  • increase employee commitment, responsibility, and retention.

  • reduce the operational tasks of management substantially.

  • prepare your company for market environment changes or significant growth.

We analyze the key processes of each corporate unit and operational area to uncover hidden reserves and exploit potential opportunities.

You receive detailed recommendations for areas worthy of change, including the proposed changes, their impacts, expected outcomes, and return on investment.

How It Works

During the planning phase of the audit, we always take into consideration the unique characteristics of your company and the set objectives. However, the fundamental process of the audit is as follows:


The first step of the audit is to assess the goals, processes, and shortcomings. This provides a solid starting point for further analysis.


During the audit, we thoroughly analyze the operations to identify where they hinder the achievement of goals. This comprehensive examination helps identify weaknesses and improvement opportunities.


Reviewing and fine-tuning the results of the analysis is crucial to ensure alignment with management and employees. This allows for the acceptance of audit findings and involvement in the development of recommendations.


As a result of the audit, we provide a detailed task map and roadmap proposal to help achieve the defined goals. This offers concrete guidance for development steps and expected outcomes.


Leveraging the latest technologies facilitates the successful implementation of recommendations. Building upon the information and advice gathered during the audit, we carry out the implementation process, ensuring efficient business development, process optimization, and IT support.

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The Difference You Will Experience

at Prozenda

  • You get an objective assessment about the areas hindering the desired growth.

  • You benefit from the wealth of experience our colleagues have acquired at esteemed organizations like Erste Bank, MÁV, British Petrol, Castrol, and various SME-s.

  • By leveraging the expertise of the Big4, you receive the equivalent level of quality and results found in a prominent consulting firm.

  • You gain advantage from our proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and our up-to-date understanding of business development and process theory.