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Real Life LEGO Using Company Process Pieces

"During my last year at the university a successful businessman told me that (financial) audit is like a speedboat. He was right. I spent almost seven years at EY. It was a very tough time but I have got to know more than 100 companies and I have seen not only the books of these 100 companies, but I have learned about their operation, structure and processes. Most projects had short deadlines, so systems had to be quickly evaluated. However, I did not only assess these processes to find where the risks were, but it was always in my mind how could I do it better and optimize them.

Then I went to England to work for an online travel company, where I saw that most people know only a little part of the processes, only their own, brief environment and they are concerned only about what directly matters to them in their day to day job. And this was true on more levels of the company structure. They were not moved by the "Why so?", especially not by the "Why not that?" and „Why not that in a better way?” It quickly turned out that it can be an advantage for me to look further and think about how to do things differently. Then the ideas came about how to save time and money or how to do the tasks differently.

My first assignment as a company came the same way. There was a task that I felt could be optimized. I worked the idea out, planned it then told one of the big bosses who bought into it. We tried it and the idea turned out to be successful. I created more value for the company than if we were working by the original instructions and even saved money for the company. This is how my entrepreneurial career started. To do things in a more efficient way and to go the extra mile.

This continues to influence my company philosophy every day. That is how I stand for clients, get to know the processes in the shortest possible time and figure out how to do it better. I am even involved in software architecture to a certain degree where these simplifying ideas help the work of professionals.

Also the same applies to my own internal processes. I always try to simplify and optimize operational activities. Most of the times the goal is to automate and reduce administration."

Gergely Kurinyecz

CEO & Founder