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Software Testing

Reducing your costs with automatic testing - automating repetitive steps and providing an up-to-date picture of the quality of the software.

Your product could be a web application, a system without a user interface, or even a desktop application. We select a testing tool based on the type of product being tested. In case of a website, we can focus on User Interface testing to ensure seamless user interactions. If the system lacks a user interface, the emphasis shifts to back-end system testing, which verifies the business logic and helps identify a significant portion of potential errors.

Technologies We Use

Selenium, RestAssured,

JBehave, Cucumber, TestNG


Postman, Milkman

JMeter, DBeaver, Grafana

Cloud k6 GIT,

Teamcity, Jenkins, CircleCI

C#, Java

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Our automated testing process delivers easily interpretable, expressive results. Tests are structured into clear steps, allowing the system to pinpoint and highlight errors.

This approach significantly reduces testing time compared to manual methods. Tasks that may take a manual tester up to 2 weeks (80 hours) can be accomplished in just one night (8 hours) with automated testing.

We utilize various testing tools and programming languages, based on the specific software being tested. The significant advantage of these tools is their built-in features that streamline the construction and execution of tests, making the process more efficient and ensuring the results are easily interpretable for business leaders.